Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Brazillian Wax Before And After Picutre

Magnificent third version
Leather and patterned fabric
Leather with three hinges, two external and one internal ... lined in linen
Shopping lady bug
Leather with leather ... with two hinges (one indoor and one outdoor), polyester stretch fabric

Shopping dragon fly
Leather with leather hinges and two .. stretch fabric lining

Leather Little Red Riding Hood with leather hinges and two .. stretch fabric lining

Green bag
E 'a bag that I made a few months ago .. not satisfied with the result, I rearranged ... E' made of leather and velvet, two hinges and lining

Flea & Martita
This is the first stock exchange was born from the collaboration between me and fleas! ! The bag is leather with three zipper, two inside and one outside! The pendants hang on two hinges and a ring were made by Flea! For further information please contact us on this myspace or this

Leather lining, adjustable strap, and zipper rings

Leather lining, belt Adjustable hinge rings XD

Leather lining, adjustable strap, zip and rings


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