Sunday, May 30, 2010

How Many Calories Is Homemade Pizza

Hello and welcome to my blog!
The things you're seeing are entirely handmade,
designed with pyrography ...
For those who do not know what a pyrography:
is simply a pen with metal tips of various shapes, called gorges,
these are connected to the pen, which in turn is connected to a power controller (which can be regulated by who uses it), the gorges in this way will be very hot and are getting hot and going to the
contact with the wood burns, creating an indelible mark that depending on the force applied to the wood becomes more or less clear and deep, you can only smoothing delete.
as you can not understand and easy, and need much time to draw a picture,
What you see is not therefore a pencil mark but the mark left by pyrography.
You can add colors, names or phrases of your choice, which will remain etched in time.
can be finished with a special golden dust that remains bright and is applied with a technique of fixing my own creation, the interior of the jewelry are in velvet.
frames, always handmade, one by one, with different cuts and sizes.
What you see is an example: elegant, light and detail. Under
is possible to add written dedications and gold dust.
The key, the "houses" are made and hand-drawn and you can always customize them.
Creo frames and jewelry details that are unique and unrepeatable, for the simple satisfaction that something unique has been created.
This is a passion, with the hope that it will become something more.
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