Tuesday, August 10, 2010

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Etiquette of Marriage - invitations

The summer season is particularly suitable for the celebration of marriages, we are in August and I am sure that someone is finalizing the organization of its will to participate in one or another.
In both cases you must notify that this event gives rise to an infinite number of rules for which would need to spend more episodes. It is possible that will be dedicated to the theme of the extra spaces, but for now I will only provide a guide, so to speak, "base" to follow. In these situations, the comments (which should be further avoided) are on everyone's lips and you do not raise the least flattering.


The first rule, usually the most ignored, is to avoid excesses. The following basic rules for men and women.

Men: The dress will always be a classic cut. If you are looking for the right apparel, avoid like the plague any place where the sign indicating the word "formal dress" when you mean with quest'utlimo jackets and waistcoats cut ambiguous in macramé. We prefer the gray or dark blue. The shirt is preferably white. Avoid pastel colors: always inappropriate. Do striped shirts: it is a ceremony, not a business meeting. Avoid button-down collar: very casual. Welcome and elegant cuffs with cuff links, however we leave home every variant spirit of the latter: skull-shaped cuff links, red pepper or banana are good for the funny and not a party to a formal ceremony. Hair: does not matter whether long or short, the important thing is that they are fresh cut and dry. If your hair is particularly long is allowed to tie them, possibly in a soft, drawn not to resemble lamented Ave Ninchi . Barbe cured if long or shaved faces. Shoes: banned sneakers of any kind, brand and cost. Leather shoe color matching the dress is what is needed, ensuring that applications do not have to scrap unnecessary or out of sense, even if the thread (gold or chrome) on the Gucci loafers. Eye accessories: sunglasses permitted where they pitched to their face and sober. Let polycarbonate masks to those who need to hide the signs of cocaine from his face . Rings, bracelets and watches would not showy ideal. Albeit with pain, let's ring in the drawer with the sword of Caesar Paciotti, the wristband in the rope and turtle friendly guide gave us during our safari in Kenya and the Casio Quartz exhumed from the First Communion and ultimately back into vogue. We will know us a reason that the '80s are over 30 years ago. Do not let yourself be enchanted by those who say the opposite: zircon earrings that shine like a lighthouse next to a candle or even a piercing bolt embedded in the earlobe are neither sexy nor smart. They are simply disgusting. The shoulder straps and belts are not familiar symbiosis, avoid wearing the same time. For them the phrase is spoken in the film Highlander: "There can be only one ...."
Warning: pronounced shoulder and stomachs are not compatible. Take a closer to home and opt for the belt if the straps are likely to become dangerous strings of the cello on the soundboard of your belly, with the danger that a failure of the caliper itself turns into a whip on your face. If you just can not help it, purchase of non-elastic.
E 'granted to remember that any of the following bag is banned. Remember, Elio e le Storie Tese we have dedicated a song has passed into history.
Refuse firmly addobare of their cars with ribbons, ribbons or garlands white even if the couple themselves who ask for it. Citing religious. If you do not find it credible to Catholicism, I assure you that the Quakers have to sell.

Women : delights us remind the readers connected to a wedding, from the simplest to the most luxurious and soft and opulent, it is not a Casting . Whether it takes place in a building of any religious worship, whether it takes place at the municipal offices will not find directors and producers are ready to write. Cheats lascivious, nails "aggressive" and shriveled clothes are the best to wear in front of Cinecittà when hunting for extras or appearing to be inserted into reality shows. You will have more freedom in choosing the color of your clothes and you will not be limited in your decisions as men, but it is vital not to lose his head. Solid colors and a few decorations are ideal. Discard a priori any designer who has made excess his reason for living. You will not receive awards and ribbons for promoting UNESCO tigers, zebras, cheetahs and antelope through your clothes. On the contrary, you may be reported. Even women have hair care and hairstyles sought, provided that well executed. Do not give yourselves helpless to your hairdresser, if you propose Frezza's platinum blonde on a dark brown Pompeian red on a copper red or any other combination, have the courage to say no: it would seem that you had an accident in a paint factory rather than sitting in the hairdresser. Tip: the style is finished Cleopatra with Elizabeth Taylor in 1963 when he turned the eponymous film. The world has since moved on. Unless you are expert in the field, take some advice from those who know more than you. Do not trust the friend who offers you a beautician. Usually they are good girls whose training has remained at the previous entrance to the disco on Friday night. Go elsewhere. The costs will be higher but the result is guaranteed. Jewels: very few and very small footprint. If you a ring worn only one conspicuous and important. The finger rings are stuffed with the prerogative of fortune tellers, witches and the Wizard Otelma. Beware of earrings: those with pending are strictly evening. If the ceremony is the day, pick the opposite type. Accessories: for only a clutch bag. Everything else is boring. And futility. Shoes: a trip to the local reptile costs less and is also instructive. Watch pythons, boas and crocodiles after they have been processed in your shoes is sad and obscene.

In the next episode will talk about the etiquette of the spouses.


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