Sunday, December 12, 2010

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walk in nature to the paleontological site: the longer cord of the devil

Today was a different Sunday. I participated in a hike in the regional park of Roccamonfina and I must say that I liked molto.Prima stage: Roccamonfina volcano, which is the oldest volcanic apparatus of Campania, Vesuvuio structurally similar to but larger than. Follow the paths of the park, on the ancient penile volcano, is to discover the evolution of the earth, subject to change due to volcanic activity, climatic factors and the colonization of wild fauna and flora. The chestnut
The characteristics of the soils of the volcanic caldera have encouraged the presence of the chestnut.
And I must say I really enjoyed collecting the chestnuts, until now I had never done.
After lunch, we went to the paleontological site to see the so-called: the longer cord diavolo.Le longer cord of the Devil are the oldest human footprints, the footprints belong to a group of three individuals, 350,000 years ago, fell down the side of the mountain consists of hot mud.


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