Tuesday, January 18, 2011

When Do We Gain 1 Minute Per Day Of Daylight

version of Barney

saw last week. Even after one week I managed to draw decent idea of \u200b\u200bthe film based on the novel - which, mind you, I have not read.
A fine cast actors say that there is a story all in all fluids, even if the dramatic implications. The issues addressed in the story are all well blended together: the dissolute youth, the buzz, drugs, relationships and love vacui passengers and those deep and lasting friendship, marriage and so on. In short, the real story of a protagonist, Barney, whose life has given so much but which presented a heavy account to the sunset of his life. Perhaps the book is quite different, although from the comments that I heard out of the cinema among those who had read it, is anything but light and smooth. In short, we can certainly define a good movie that certainly leaves room for reflection. The only flaw is that the space for reflection tends to evaporate like mist in the first rays of the sun. He can not leave a strong, although the emotional side of the viewer is certainly shocked and stressed. However, deserves to be seen. The cast is really good preparation.


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