Sunday, September 26, 2010

Best Wedding Speech Open Lines

Etiquette of Marriage - Changes on

E 'unmatrimonio can be arranged outside the formal and rigid classical schemes. E 'can be done when the spouses, relatives, friends have a particular comic verve and are prone to experience the situation with cheerful spirit and collegiate. Of course, all of which should take place outside the walls of a church or any other religious temple. The civil rites are the ones that leave room for imagination. As We got to see some people can get married underwater, bringing together the City Council to few feet beneath the waves as did the island of Elba. Ballestrero it committed personally hunting in this extravagance, and well thought out concerts as soon as the cardinal betrothed his friend (and occasional writer of this blog Alessandro) gave him the good news. Do not believe at all that would come to that, he had promised years ago that if anything was get married, the undersigned, would suit brought by a cardinal. And as for myself every promise is a debt, I won the torrid summer heat and I submitted to the addobato ceremony as in the picture:

For the success of all, in addition to a great ability to interpret, they need the cooperation and acquiescence of all. First of the Registrar, an accomplice of a friendly clown. Then all the others. Also because the veracity of my role, which is made from scratch in the Umbrian town of the province, has attracted huge buzz and admiration. Not even a movie star had received many admiring glances. Many have to wonder who was the high priest at this wedding. Who could doubt, for that matter? A person dressed in red down by a black BMW 530, complete with a driver who opens the door in front of the Palazzo Comunale with porch, with the registrar that goes down to welcome him and greets him from author to author. Some old ladies sitting in the courtyard of the Palazzo Comunale is taken paralysis. They wanted me to be a blessing, a word of comfort but they were too excited to ask me anything. And I, who was dying of laughter inside of me, I struggled to the point that my face remained impassive, hieratic and inspired.
A warm suggestion: Rather than embark on classical choreography marriage where no one is sure to make a good impression, civil marriage, with implications goliardic is to be preferred.


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