Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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Yesterday was a very important day for me. A phase of my life is over.
And what I went through to cope with this change, this summer in al'ansia prey, fear to tackle new things, a new phase of life. I was afraid for so long, but finally I did it to heal sola.Ho negative thoughts that plagued the cast never mind, I cast out the fear that any day could end all, learning to enjoy each moment of life and never accepting the people around me with their strengths and weaknesses without the presumption of them cambiare.Ho thought to people who have been part of my life, because they are also changed because of what I was taught, because all I have left something to be negative and is positivo.Tutti have led me to become a better person, especially those who hurt me and hurt me, gave me the opportunity to reflect on my mistakes and promised to never happen again in order not to suffer as I have suffered.
Now I am not afraid to face life, I am proud of me, I got a goal I set for myself and I did it without anyone's help, relying solely on my own strength, and how many goals I still aim for and certainly overtake them.
I'm happy, and I'm sure that some things are really experienced, really should be addressed, because when scale is difficult, but when you get to the summit ... well ... you can not tell, but you can only try and hope to all those who read this blog, always prefix objectives and obstacles in life and overcome them to enjoy the wonderful feeling you have.


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