Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dangers Of A Low Cervix

c'est la vie ....

Today I had a terrible news .. An aunt of whom I'm related, it's going on. I
disbelief ... but at the same time My eyes were watering.
example of a woman defeated by the pain and suffering that has earned him the love for her former husband.
I do not know what to think .. I think that human selfishness is limitless, and only those who are not strong self-destructs and goes away first, leaving those who loves pain difficult to fill.
I think I leave here, I leave all for a couple of months, and come back when the master starts in Rome .. After all I've done for me, and after all these bad experiences I've seen, felt and that I was deeply marked, I decided to go for a while.
To find myself a little, to enjoy life a bit, change some air and make me stronger and stronger.
How many times have I talked to my aunt, trying to reason with her and make her understand that life had to change .. I do not know. I lost count.
I just know that I'm tired of everything, I'm tired of the situations that I have lived in the house, I'm tired of seeing my mother who kills for me, I'm tired of seeing my aunt who is going away and I could not sit with her in front of more the fire on Sunday afternoon and talk about many things especially for the love .. ..
I want to leave, I marked my past too.
I want to return only to attend the master that will someday let me crown my dream: working in the agency space. Only
unverso was able to get me to dream and make me spaziare.Solo the universe gives me a sense of eternity and greatness .. Only he gives me a sense of freedom that every man desires.


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