Thursday, November 25, 2010

How Much Does Pave Cost On A Ring

♥ hello my thoughts ....

to you, sweet aunt .. I do is think of you.
Actually, I did not expect, my thoughts always you, my tear is always down.
I can not even accept your disease, I'll have to see to convince me.
Every Sunday come to expect us to eat together and I still say spontaneously to my mother, but Aunt Teresa, and Nicolas is not?
I miss, I miss you so much .. I cry as I write: Do not you deserved, you deserved to be happy
Zia .. I hope and pray for you, sometimes miracles happen.
is a periodaccio for me, no work, always walking alone, always turn to work .. expect the master after I changed their life ..
For now I'm tired, tired of everything.
Tired of the silence, tired of the current period, and then you .. you .. you that you're all worse a second mother to me, I've seen you grow, you who consider me so much ..
I can not ascribe more, I'm crying like a baby .. I have to calm down .. As Edward de
says Philip Adda nuttat step.
I am confident. Your nephew


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