Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Modelpectus Excavatum

King's speech

finally come into circulation film worthy of the name. Two tests actorial high, Colin Firth in the role of King George VI and Geoffrey Rush that of his speech therapist Lionel Logue. In a true story: the rise of the Duke of York to the throne after the abdication of his elder brother Edward VII, made by in order to marry the divorcee Wallis Simpson. Poor Bertie
, nickname with which it is familiarly known as King George VI, would sink many meters below the ground when he is forced to open his mouth. A terrible stuttering afflict him since childhood. Find themselves in front of an audience, either real or radio, it does go fully short-circuited. After consulting the best specialists of the time, his wife decides to take him from Lionel Logue, speech without licenses and without degrees, and a method to treat all its own even the hopeless cases, skillfully blending technical mechanics and psychology. It is not easy to deal with Albert Frederick Arthur George Windsor King of England, otherwise known as Bertie. Like any self-respecting nobleman, for more than royal-imperial, has these "advantages" from her: proud, haughty, irascible, haughty and irascible. The speech does not take long to realize that you are actually faced with a poor man, whose faults are not as listed just before the result of a delusion of omnipotence, but the result of a heavy wicked childhood education that left never overcome trauma . Stuttering His Majesty does not depend on anything other than that. The beginning was not easy, both must gradually soften their resistance to find a common ground to work on. But the sovereign is perserverante, has good will. The speech is as effective and judicious: he realizes that his insistence on more is nothing but a desire to introjected self-affirmation and of his method, step back and acknowledge it was wrong. Back on track, the two are put to work hard to address the first of the great events: the coronation speech at Westminster. Happily passed. And then the most difficult: the address to the nation and the colonies for the announcement of UK entry into the war against Hitler's Germany. Will the Sovereign stutterer in this test? Well, you just have to go see the movie.
Great beautiful work, from all points of view. Excellent acting by the protagonists, as well as the entire cast. Costumes, set design and subject to the last detail. For the breadth of issues Treaties (sovereignty, inferiority complexes, childhood trauma, friendship, etc..) recognizes the outstanding success of with a successful balance between them.
We recommend to view. Too many times ;-)


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