Friday, February 25, 2011

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workshop reflections of Dublin 25-02-11

In December, I participated in the project "creative cluster paths creative economy" promoted by the town of Bagnoli dela science.
The project was to 'set forward a creative, innovative, or simply that could contribute to improving the quality of life in Campania. I presented a very rough idea structures it completely eco-friendly accommodation, but the idea that could be chosen among the top thirty, it was just very vague.
Instead, the other day call me and tell me 'congratulations, its priogetto is among the first 30 clusters of innovative ideas. It is this Friday, beginning on the first day of workshops, followed by four others Friday in these thirty laboratories to develop ideas with experts, and then choose the most suitable finance and totalmente.Le repeat that only 5 out of 30 will be funded. "
Imagine my happiness ... I had not put their hopes and yet here I am a science city struggling with the first workshop .. a great experience.
The total distance of creative cluster is structured in four live dates to be attended by the 30 applicants selected or grouped during the evaluation phase.
Laboratories, valorizzatio by specific workshops, are bound together by a close propedeucità to construct a coherent and practical information and guidance. The aim of the project is to provide a stimulus to the concrete realization of innovative companies on the lines of creative methodology, considered to be the real key to economic success, social and civil princiopali of all international institutions. (UNCTAD, EU, World Bank , etc. ..) The
discussion of the workshop today, innanzituto was focused on the distinction of an idea and a creative idea, as any idea can be creative.
The difference is that an idea is a reflection, a creative idea involves a dynamic phase propositiva.Il workshop aims precisely to fill this gap. Creativity is a city of science and innovation is based on that.
Then you open a long speech on creativity.
Creativity is even if you move from one thing to another, unable to create a situation that did not previously thought, and creativity is daring, prenderequalcosa already there and change direction, perspective, reverse it.
There have been several examples of ongoing projects, creative projects such as I hit the Naples city of literature. "This project involved only four cities. The idea came from creating a network, turning to UNESCO.
So when the idea is right, we must find the proper contextualization, there is always a way, an 'opportunity that is hard to say no, you have to give strong backing to the idea.
The hardest thing in the world is possible. The distance is short, but the prospects are endless.
Breaking, dare to go outside the box, to rebuild, jump into the darkness.
incredible optimism that I have passed today, all, everyone.
We are all full of enthusiasm, both boys who have presented their ideas, and let the experts who will guide us in these 4-day workshop in the city of science.
For me it's a wonderful experience. I write a few sentences here
celbri of people who have tried to give his own definition of creativity: Creativity is also a
intended use of the imagination, or rather of imagination and innovation in a comprehensive manner. (Bruno Murani).
Creativity is not the one who then suddenly something new, but one who is identified by intuition, by mistake, by chance, or the infinite patience that Flaubert was a sign of genius, by the Ganges the enclosed and hidden from our eyes. (U. Eco).
The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources. (A. Einstein).
True creativity often starts where language ends. (Arthur Koestler).
The creation is, first of all, an act of destruction. (P. Picasso).
Everyone knows that something is impossible, until it reaches a fool does not know is that it invents. (A. Einstein)


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