Thursday, February 10, 2011

What Do I Charge To Design A Poster


I have forgiven almost unforgivable mistake, I tried to replace irreplaceable people and forgotten people forget. I acted on impulse, I was disappointed by the people who did not think it could do, but I too disappointed. I held one in my arms to protect it, I made friends for eternity. I laughed when it was not necessary, I loved and was loved in return, but I was also rejected. I was loved and I could not reciprocate. I screamed and jumped for joy so many, many. I have lived in love and made promises of eternity, but I burned my heart many times! I cried listening to music or looking at photos. I called just to hear a voice. I'm back in love with a smile. I thought again of dying of nostalgia ... and I was afraid of losing someone very special (which I ended up losing) ... but I survived! And still alive! And life, I'm not tired ... And you will not have to wearily. Live! It is really good fight with conviction, embrace life and live with passion, daring to win and lose with class, because the world belongs those who dare! Life is too good to be insignificant!


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