Friday, March 18, 2011

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Immoral instincts - Teatro Colosseo

Thanks to the spectacle of his Frediano Properzi , Ballestrero returns to talk about theater in the book that has so far largely overlooked. Although honestly neglect is due to too long since I went to the theater. Return after a long time and a good show is really encouraging.

In a proscenium black as tar move in a frosty silence six characters. A heterosexual couple, a gay couple, a single and a single. Each of them holds a high-backed chair covered with a transparent retina. That network is the blurred reflection of the souls of each of them. The characters are not such in the strict sense, but are expressions of the archetype that all of them manifest to the single a bit unlucky and tormented by emotional dependence, the single a little elderly, docile, quiet and safe but hidden instincts of domination that has learned, perverse taste , to vent on the chatline where virtually meet other revelers hidden, which imposed its punishment virtual. The heterosexual couple, where he vents frustration worn and stale relationship by engaging in constant betrayals, not without violent inclination result of a principle of dissociation. You, the prototype of submissive woman, who hopes and damages, which is distressing and it is consumed after a difficult relationship when not impossible. The gay couple who live similar dynamics and yet other than heterosexual, mired in an unbalanced relationship where one is willing to accept any compromise while continuing (and perhaps perpetuating) the report, while the other while going in search of a new relationship, it fails to do so until the end for a sense of guilt towards the companion. Also get to experience relations in three, yet without drawing a real satisfaction.

The proposed layout, in my opinion, has no moral end up in advance. Anyone who expects a complex mechanism that leads to a final full meaning is misguided. Because the ultimate goal of representation is to provide a final schematic or obedient to assume an expectation the public, but simply illustrate the feelings and moods of the masks that give life to the show. Feelings and moods exhibited as an X-ray passed to the cold neon light on a panel. I renew my compliments to the author with the same words that I made personally, a perfect synthesis of his work: "Congratulations Frediano! It 'clear that in life you have lived so much and heard!"


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