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Luzianne Tea For Bleeding

pause for reflection as you want me

This film has received a countless series of s crosscut. Starting from that, however funny, friend X (I can not Swedish
particular his name) on his blog . Yet this film has had a particular fascination for me. Beneath the surface is apparently slight and trivial
hides a nice sociological discussion of modern times, a vision of consumerist society
about to appear, where even those who must give substance to this law to bring out what has inside. Not for nothing that the film revolves around the faculty of Science of Communication, as if to do in general corince colorful fresco of characters who populate the film.
Giada Ferretti (Cristina Capotondi) is a student out of office in Rome, rising from the province to the big city. And 'the stereotype of the girl involved, who takes everything seriously, and irony do not know can not play down. To complete it all comes to the rescue ugly not recently, highlighted by a dress that resembles the military blankets infested with worms.
is haunting the university where he is at home as the bookworms that live there and never leaves the brain clear: you look around, and analyzes the social phenomena of mass media
condemning in no uncertain terms. In short, as good as boring as hell. On the day of meets Richard Cross, Young Daddy's boy full of money, a little jerk,
foolish enough, full of money and its not surrounded by a circle of friends made of young girls like him and chickens, although firmatissime truccatissime and silly enough. Full € dear, to survive in Rome, Giada (originally from Burin, although speaks fluent Italian) began to give private lessons to make ends meet. Put the ad in the faculty, lost ten thousand others, and fate cynical and cheating takes his. To call it "the dark " it is Richard. They will meet at his house for the first lesson. For her a thorn in the side for him yet another chance to make the piacione with her, bluntly called a "bidet-haired." Gal eotto was the announcement and who wrote it, some would say, socially engaged because the ugly is starting to show signs of yielding to the handsome jerk. He, too, like "Bloody Mary", another term coined by him, but the body is totally repulsive. What to do? Jade and gives you advice from her cousin buzzicona tastes peasants, going around to try clothes shops and clothing samples of indecency. Yet it is precisely here that Sarah, the buzzicona cousin, pitted one pearl of wisdom that will remain in focus to the general public, and not paying:

"Gggiadaaah Ah! The history of inner beauty .... It '' CAZZATAA NO! "
Noting this, Jade decides that maybe it is better to go on patrol alone to shopping
without the cumbersome company Sara. At the English Steps, gazing in the windows of his closed Lacoste sweater felted and decorated with lilies Florentine meets Flame. Flame, a friend of Richard, it will become her Pygmalion transformation is aesthetically and socially. To the point that teach the basics of relations futile and empty. When asked "how are you?" Flame clarify things to Jade, to avoid suggesting the sincerity which no one really wants, taking refuge in Latin metrics through this rhyme:

how are you? - Love me?
combining? - Big mess, let it be -
nice dress! - Just picked up -
big party - vodka tonic -
what a mess, and 'dead pine - a bit' sciattino

A little makeup and wigs, the right clothes and the ugly duckling becomes a "topatomica, this time another nickname coined by his cousin Richard Loris, who sees her squirming at a rave boys "good" while showing deep necklines and large pieces of thigh. Attached, of course, a bottle of vodka, ├ža va sans dire ...

short, the old Jade becomes how the public wants. Richard can finally have it on repeat without feeling disgust. But Richard will change one evening, while the new Giada even with the new body there is terrible. We think the university to make them meet again in different roles and with predictable consequences.
No doubt the film's plot is based on clay, not to mention the mud, but it is not to be exalted. What is enhanced are the themes that the film highlights, namely the eternal conflict between the appearance and being. What matters most between the two? The response to cold may seem obvious, but a hot discussion suggests not. What in fact the film seems to suggest that the final solution is this: are functional and appear to be, not to say complementary to each other. In a metaphor that is not closed to mere aesthetics, beauty or ugliness outright end in itself. The appearance can help to move forward and better brain substance which has been attracting more attention with. Focus on their cultural and spiritual formation, even when the appearance that mother nature has endowed us with is not much, it is a necessary exercise if you do not want to end up trapped in the emptiness of a life that could lead to the ephemeral breeze.
I'll be I've seen all this under the influence of hallucinogenic substances that I could not be, or this film remains the boiata it seems?
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