Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Module 1 Test: How Much Do You Remember?

Welcome to the south.

The world of work here in the south is a disgrace!
Before I did not believe or rather I did not know how the thing must be because I studied, I have a vague idea, but I did not know it was so hard, or rather a shame the world of work.
At least here in the south, only because I sent a resume to the north and also by mistake, but they called me and I had to refuse to excessive fees.
But now I find myself doing a lousy course that lasts four days, to clean hotel rooms, and on the phone telling me that it was also a reception.
A shame!
But what is shocking and makes me really upset by that, it is recommended that the idiots behind a desk and maybe not even happy with their work, and graduates (typical IO),
to do jobs that are not within our competence.
But I know what I want and sooner or later I'll get to the goal, I can relaizzare my dreams.
But for me I need not apply .. nobody ... NOBODY.
One day only thank myself.
people as it is, sooner or later emerge from the anonymous mass that surrounds .. Today I find myself
frequenatare a course to wash ashore, tomorrow will no longer be so, because I have helped her alone ... Who has it and part art, but it's only ever intended to do what was given, and will never progress, because it does not have the capacity.
start from zero and remain zero.
I needed to vent, after the crap I've seen in recent days.


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