Thursday, October 21, 2010

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Passion - John Turturro

E 'possible to make a documentary film focused on the Neapolitan song and at the same time, describe the city and those who live to the rhythm of the music drawing from a fresco of notes and colors that for once are not stereotypical, worn or trivial? John Turturro seems to have succeeded very well, with skill and accuracy of a Goethe the 2000s with his latest work entitled "The Passion". Although the title is a bit rhetorical and somewhat inflated, however, be difficult to find different, but the shoe horns with rhythm and music content of the film. Walking Naples, Spaccanapoli to "quarters" - English - , Piazza del Gesu in via Duomo, the city is open to public view, where words and music and interviews are mixed in the newspaper of Naples, its tourists and its songbooks. Undisputed star is the Neapolitan song. Not the melodious neo unbearable that translates into hundreds of thousands of CDs favz (false) with their faces smeared by ink-jet printers or Gigi D'Alessio Nino D'Angelo, easily repereribili stalls on Via Roma. This documentary film is the classic Neapolitan songs, sounds and virtuoso reinterpretation of all current and sung by glorious voices of the Neapolitan repertoire: Peppe Barra, Gennaro Cosmo Parlato, Stone Montecorvino, Massimo Ranieri, Raiz. Rarely have heard of the executions so beautiful, vibrant and exciting. Do not think I have ever heard a Black Tammuriuata mixed with Pistol Packin Mama song as well and keen to Peppe Barra, Max Casella and M'Barka Ben Taleb c he added the note sharp Recall Berber indescribable charm.
Dances, songs, music and solos, mix gently to interviews with singers and groups, including the Avion Travel. As stated by
Cinefilante , this film will leave surely the sign for its soundtrack. I did not leave until the peaceful soundtrack will not be soon available on CD!


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