Thursday, October 21, 2010

Poofy Prom Dress With Pockets

Adèle and the enigma of Pharaoh


I introduce myself to the movies without the slightest knowledge of what I was going to see. It was as usual one of those calls for so-called "ad aggregation, that is where you should not play any active role in the choice of film or of the room, except to say" yes I am, tell me time and place "or" I I will not be sorry. " E 'curious to see how this scheme, which I usually find myself applying more for the theater, is also gradually involving cinema.L 'aggregation has been led by Cinefilante together with mutual friends that gave us the conference Doria cinema to see this film by Luc Besson.


The young heroine Adèle Blanc-Sec is a sort of Indiana Jones in the first 900 whose purpose in life is to heal his sister Agathe who lives now in a catatonic state due to a probe for hair stuck behind his head and that passes through the head, the result of an accident during a game of tennis. Together with Professor Marie-Joseph Esperandieu (graduate Fisch in 16 years, as the narrator tells us early in the film) and its extraordinary potential to revive the dead, will attempt to resurrect the mummy of a pharaoh's personal physician for you to find a cure or a way to heal his sister. Wandering through Egypt, in the midst of treasure hunters to the pyramids, daring racing to carry the coffin from Cairo to Paris and the birth of a pterodactyl flying over the city, the adventurous and spirited Adele finds himself get by with mummies, ethnographers , clumsy cops and dilapidated hunters. All seasoned with a few special effects and a fantastic story that is not an end in itself but it is pleasant and well-measured pace. A special mention

the costumes deserve: beautiful, well kept and great taste. A very special note to a fantastic film which should usually call attention to action and not the almost maniacal attention to detail and materials used.


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